H₂O + CO₂ ⇌ H₂CO₃

shutdown -r -f -t 00 : introduction

I really like the idea of blogs, especially like that, where I don't exactly promote whatever I write here. There's something addicting in writing both in secret and out in the plain sight, because who would ever find my blog? I have a website with all of my links that gets in total like zero hits, but yet, anyone who wanders there could as well just find my blog. But it's not like that would hurt, or change anything, I guess.

Today marks a year since I made my first blog post here, and me who was writing that post a year ago was a person with completely different outlooks in completely different circumstances compared to where I am now. I won't get into whether that person was overall better or worse than the current me, but I rather like to think that he was less aware of his surroundings.

Regardless, from this place I'd like to type the command written in the title, and restart. Not like restarting your system because it got too unresponsive after running for too long, but rather like when you need to restart because new software has been installed, and needs to be initialised after rebooting. That's because, in the end I'm still the same person, just under different circumstances.

Most people know me as säure, and this is the place I've been running to every time I felt there was something not right with the way I feel, but in the end never could grasp the feelings I was writing about in a presentable way, so I decided to archive all of my past posts, and give it another try.